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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Share the love…..and your knowledge - Leah

A smart leader knows his strengths, but also knows his weaknesses and is able to find other people to help him in those areas. This is incredibly important in the nonprofit sector. Not to say that this is not already prevalent amongst nonprofits. If studied, it is certain that relationships amongst nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, government, and professional businesses as well as skilled individuals would prove that the sector has been able to draw upon each other for talents. However, it is worth reminding leaders within the sector of the untapped pool of resources that may be available.

For example, many organizations and schools offer free training and educational sessions to the public. These can be great opportunities for nonprofit staff to attend and learn new skills, or to even network with those individuals who have those skills to possibly be able to call on them in the future. Workshops such as this one for grant writing in California and this one in Roanoke for building a Facebook page that reaches more people for advertising or fundraising are increasingly popular. It is possible for nonprofit leaders to attend these free workshops and training sessions and learn new skills, abilities, and meet new people.

Not only are workshops and learning sessions a good resource, but there are often times when businesses and schools are recruiting and offering for people to sit-in on their classes as a way to get feedback about their current programs. Volunteering to provide feedback to one of these sessions would provide a chance to get to listen to lectures from doctors, professionals, and community leaders, as well as network within those communities.

The takeaway here, then, is to learn what your weaknesses are as a leader, or as an organization, and find ways to fill those holes. There are so many people within your community, no matter where you are, that will have exactly what you need. The only thing you have to do is go out there and look for them. It takes little time to search online for free workshops and see what is available. Get to it!

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