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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Use what your momma (or the government) gave you - Leah

At a recent anti-poverty conference, many nonprofits reached the same conclusions as in years previous: we have to do more with less money in order to serve the poverty striken population. The answer to that problem was to make sure we are using what we all have together. If one organization has a conference room, and another needs a place to meet, share. We have to pull together and use what we have, pool our resources in order to get done what needs to get done.

Going back to what I said in a previous blog, we have to become interdependent to a point in order to ensure that we have the things we need. We have to look outside of our organization and see what other resources might be out there. What struck me about this article was that it seemed that although everyone is aware that we all have less money and we need to do more with that money, it seems that some are still not realizing that there are ways around the money issue.

Yes, we need money. We all need money. In order to run a successful business or organization, we need money. This is true. And very well-accepted. However, I – and many other people in the world – believe that there is a solution to almost any and every problem. What we have to do is think outside the box and seek out those other options that are out there as resources. People, connections, ideas, human resources, stretching the dollar, etc. These are ways that we can ensure we serve the people that we need to as nonprofits.

I know this isn’t the answer to every question. And I know it is naive in a sense. But, when we are mission driven and care about the goal rather than the obstacles in the way of that goal, we can get to where we need to be. This article, titled “Nonprofits stress coordinating efforts”, brings home exactly what I am saying. We have to pull together and share what we have in order to achieve all of our goals.

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